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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Criminal Defense in Newport Beach

Innocent until Proven Guilty

In the state of California, domestic violence charges can be brought on behalf of a spouse, children, or anyone that you live with. While most people give the alleged victims the benefit of the doubt, we understand that the individual charged deserves to be considered innocent until proven guilty. We pride ourselves on listening to your story and conducting a thorough investigation that gets to the bottom of things.

We understand that many times, domestic violence charges are brought falsely as part of divorce or child custody proceedings. Sometimes, charges are made as the result of a misunderstanding or argument in the heat of the moment. Unfortunately, since charges are made by the state on behalf of the victim, the state will typically conduct a thorough investigation even if all parties involved agree that the charges should not have been made in the first place. And because society has a tendency to err on behalf of the victim, those who are falsely or erroneously charged require an especially vigorous defense.

Qualified Legal Defense against Domestic Violence Charges

You need qualified legal defense against domestic violence charges even if you and the alleged victim agree that charges should not have been made. Remember, the state is the entity bringing charges against you, and they have a specific procedure that they must follow during their prosecution. They are not your ally.

Don’t sit by while your rights to custody or visitation of your children are put into jeopardy. We have experience working in conjunction with family law attorneys to deal with the most complicated of situations. We understand that your relationship with your family is at stake. We understand because we believe that clients are part of our family and deserve our respect, empathy, and an aggressive defense.

We are Prepared to Provide Aggressive Defense

The consequences for a domestic violence conviction are numerous and severe. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you may be facing:

  • Possible jail time
  • Three years or more of probation
  • Completion of a mandatory 52-week batterer’s program
  • Thousands of dollars in fines and restitution
  • Loss of custody or increased alimony payments
  • Non-citizens may be deported, denied naturalization, or lose eligibility for H1-B or work visas

Additional penalties can include a loss of the right to bear arms or mandatory participation in substance abuse counseling and/or anger management counseling. We are prepared to provide aggressive defense for individuals who have been charged with domestic violence in the Newport Beach area. Contact us today for your free consultation.