Police in nearby Westminster, California arrested a New Port Beach man. The arrest occurred on Monday September 16. Apparently the suspect stole a particularly expensive watch.

Travis Lambright is 32 years old. On Friday September 13 he visited Tick Tock Jewelers. The shop is located in the Asian Garden Mall, which is on Bolsa Avenue.

Lambright allegedly stole a watch while he was at the store. The watch in question is worth around $10,000. Having apparently seen Lambright take the aforementioned watch, the owner of the store chased him outside.

The owner didn't let up, and according to a police news release he continued to chase Lambright straight into the parking lot. When they reached the parking lot an altercation broke out. The jeweler fired several gunshots, but Lambright seemed to escape unharmed. He had enough energy left to get away from the scene and flee the abovementioned shop owner it might seem.

Lambright got into his car and drove off with the watch. The shop owner had a few minor injuries as a result of the fight that broke out in the parking lot. Lambright then drove over to a store in Tustin. He took out the Omega watch and attempted to sell it. This might have suggested that monetary gain might have been his motive plain and simple.

Reports seem to indicate that Lambright was quoted a price of around $9,400 for the watch. Once he tried to sell it, though, an employee recognized the story. The employee in question had read a news story about the robbery shortly before and ended up altering the police.

Local officers in the immediately area joined up with the store employee. Together they stalled Lambright until Westminster police detectives arrived. Things got slightly complicated however.

Westminster police were needed because the crime was committed there, but he'd already changed towns to go to Tustin and tried to sell the watch there. Regardless, he is a resident of New Port Beach, California. Perhaps due to these changes of jurisprudence, Lambright has been booked into Orange County Jail on suspicion of robbery charges.